About DIY Heated Cat Beds

Do It Yourself Heated Cat Beds are suitable for cats and many small animals in need of warmth.


This is where you will find all the information on heated cat beds and humidi cribs for small animals, like baby Kangaroos. Also feeding formulas and advice on difficult to raise bush animals.


Do It Yourself Heated Cat Beds

Do it yourself instruction kit costs US$10

extra material costs around $2


Heated Cat Beds and Humidicribs

A Step By Step Guide on How to Create a Humidicrib

When I published "Heated Cat Bed", I made the following statement at the end of the page: Note: can be used for other animals as well - I have successfully reared hairless baby kangaroos and wombats using the Heated Cat Bed.

Due to the amount of inquiries about how the Heated Cat Bed can be used for other animals like hairless baby Kangaroos and Wombats I have decided to add instructions here. You may also want to visit a couple of other sites of mine that cover the topic to some extent, for a better understanding.

At: http://www.gold-coast-aus.com/Kangaroo.html

http://www.orgonics.com/whatisor.htm for Orgone Functions

Joey (baby kangaroo) in its mother's pouch. Photograph by Geoff Shaw.

In Kangaroo pouch

The above photo shows a hairless joey in its mother's pouch. To emulate this environment you need to maintain the:

  1. right temperature.
  2. correct moisture.
  3. suitable feeding formula.

The Heated Cat Bed will enable you to keep the right temperature. However modifications have to be made to maintain the moisture.

This is how I have prepared the Heated Cat Bed to care for these very fragile creatures.

Purchase 00 or 000 grade steel wool from your hardware store - enough to make a pad 4 inches thick by 12 inches square. Wrap the steel wool pad in 4 layers of "PURE COTTON" material. Place the steel wool pad wrapped in cotton on the pillow case within the Heated Cat Bed [see heated cat bed instructions].

For the feeding formula see Lynda Staker's site: The Complete Guide to the Care of Macropods at: http://www.lyndastaker.com/ She recommends (Wombaroo kangaroo milk replacer)

Personally I have not used any store bought formula's but they are probably easier to use than the one I used as outlined on my site at: http://www.gold-coast-aus.com/Kangaroo.html

Loosely wrap the joey in a soft cotton cloth that has been immersed in luke-warm [chlorine free] water- then quickly wrung out well. Make sure the cloth is still warm before placing the joey in it. Attach the joey to the nipple, containing warm formula and close the Heated Cat Bed immediately. Check your joey every 2 hours - make sure the temperature is right and that the swaddling cloth is damp and warm.

Note: When dealing with joeys whose eyes are not matured make sure to only use subdued lighting.

Tip: When your joey is at a stage of nibbling grass, try and prepare a patch of burnt area. Let your joey nibble on the fresh grass shoots from the burnt patch. There is no scientific reason as far as I am aware but experience in the bush has shown that grazing on burnt ground prevents intestinal infections in young Kangaroos

End Note: When dealing with fragile creatures, observation and common sense are the most useful tools to success. It takes consistent caring to heal or raise creatures taken from their natural environments. Make sure you have the time necessary to devote to these highly intensive tasks before taking on the responsibilities of an animal carer. If you feel inadequate at the outset, it is better to place the animal in the hands of a more competent care facility.> That being said; there is nothing that can replace the feeling of your success in helping an animal regain its natural vigor - seeing a rescued bird take flight, a young Kangaroo bounding through the bush on it's release into the wild - well you have to experience it to know what I mean.

Making the Heated Cat Bed is really easy - no sewing or carpentry involved - any one who can read this page and fold a napkin can make the Heated Cat Bed. To create your own Heated Cat Bed purchase my guide for $10 today from the "Purchase" tab at the top of this page.




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